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Prices for cigarettes will increase in January 2010

Date: 2009-10-30

The question "how to get a cheaper price for cigarettes" burdens the mind of every smoke lover. In January 2010 the price for a pack of cigarettes will go much higher and smoking will become a luxury! Every Bulgarian smoker needs to expect a price of 4lv for each pack of cigarettes! The price is just too high, when the salary of an average Bulgarian citizen is equal 100 packs of cigarettes.

But there is no need to panic. In west Europe the price for a pack of cigarettes starts from 2EU to 5EU and people already found alternative and cost effective ways to have a smoke!

Bulgarian citizens can also enjoy a price of 1lv for each pack of cigarettes. The secret is hiding in the self made cigarettes. There are two different ways of making a self made cigarette.

The first way is quite easy.
You will only need: filtered cigarette tubes, tobacco, cigarette tube filling machine. Everything is more than simple: you can use the "filling machine" to inject the tobacco into the cigarette tube!
It takes no more than 10 seconds.
How much does it cost?
Filtered cigarette tubes 200 pieces: 2lv. => 1 filtered cigarette = 1 st.
Tobacco 8 lv. 100 gr, which you can use for 140 cigarettes => for 1 cigarette = 5 st. tobacco
If we do the math, we will see that the price for 1 cigarette is 6 st. and the price for one pack of cigarettes is 1.20l.
The price for the 
cigarette tube filling machine starts from 8lv. to 15lv.

Fee for making the cigarette - priceless.